Taylor Tree Farms

2019 Wholesale Christmas Trees

Orders of 50 trees or more


Taylor Tree Farm has been in operation since 1981 and we have over 100 acres of high quality Christmas trees. The farm is located between Stouffville and Uxbridge, about an hour northeast of Toronto. We offer various species, sizes and grades so you can choose the mix that fits your customers the best:



White Spruce

White Spruce: a strong, symmetrical tree
Colour: deep green to gray-green
Needles: short, sharp, needles
Needle retention: Spruce trees drop their needles sooner than other species, therefore customers need careful instructions in the care of their tree to maximize needle retention and ensure customer satisfaction

Size: 7 feet to 9 feet
Wholesale Price: $22.00

Meyer Blue Spruce

Meyer Blue Spruce: a graceful, symmetrical tree
Colour: pale blue
Needles: short, firm, needles
Needle retention: good

Size: 5 feet to 6 feet
Wholesale Price: $20.00

Size: 7 feet to 9 feet
Wholesale Price: $22.00

Fraser Fir: an elegant, symmetrical tree
Colour: branches are green on top with a distinctive blue tinge on the underside
Needles: short, soft needles

Needle retention: excellent

Size: 7 feet to 9 feet
Wholesale price: $34.00




Taylor Christmas Tree Farm
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