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The History of Christmas Trees, Part One

  • Evergreens have been associated with seasonal celebrations since ancient times.
  • Seasonal celebrations occur at the time of winter solstice.
  • Evergreens have been used as symbols by various nationalities and/or religious groups, including: Egyptians, Romans, Druids, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Spaniards and Slovaks.
  • Yule log traditions contributed to superstitions, as well as the traditions of gift giving and decorating the log or tree.
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The History of Christmas Trees, Part Two

  • 14th century "Miracle Plays" held annually on December 24th required stage props of apple trees. In colder climates this led to the use of decorated evergreens.
  • The traditional red and green seasonal colours developed from these plays and stage props.
  • Over time, foods were added as decorations on the trees.
  • Gradually, metal ornaments replaced some of the edible decoration.
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The History of Christmas Trees, Part Three

  • First use of evergreen as a Christmas tree in Canada occurred in Sorel, Quebec in 1781.
  • Next recorded use was in Halifax in 1846. After that, use spread quickly.
  • Customs varied in different areas of the country.
  • Present day celebrations have borrowed customs from many lands, but the tradition of the Christmas tree is practiced by people from all over the world.
  • Choosing the Christmas tree has become a tradition as significant as decorating the tree.
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Christmas Tree Care

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