We have retired from Harvest-Your-Own Christmas Trees

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Thank you for the memories!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who have visited the farm over the years …. and it’s been a lot of years.

I bought the farm in 1979 from Bruce and Dot Taylor who graciously let me keep using their name, and Taylor Tree Farm was born. We started planting trees in 1981 and opened in the 1986 Christmas season. There have been many changes over the years; what started as 50 acres expanded to 100 acres, all planted in Christmas trees. We’ve had lots of fun - rides, crafts, bonfires, and Santa even graced us with his presence for a few years when he could fit us into his busy schedule. I’ve also been lucky enough to have great staff, many of whom have become great friends.

It was a big decision to close, but I’m not getting any younger (everyone enjoys reminding me I am well over sixty now) and I want to spend more time with family and friends. I’d also like to stop and smell the trees instead of pruning them for a change.

We have gradually been changing the fields over to hay and grain crops that require less maintenance… and that can be harvested in warmer weather. We’ve also been expanding the natural bush lots on the property to make sure there is still a habitat for the wildlife here in addition to the crops.

It would not have felt right to just quietly not open this year. I wanted to say thank you and goodbye, and make sure everyone knows so you have plenty of time to plan a new tradition. Visit the Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario website at http://www.christmastrees.on.ca, it will help you locate another farm in 2016.

So, with many fond memories, I thank you all and wish you well.


John Klecker

Owner Operator

Taylor Tree Farm





Taylor Christmas Tree Farm